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What are the requirements of chemical anchor bolt crack repair construction?

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The chemical anchor bolt is bonded with the hole wall by synthetic resin mortar, so that the bolt, the anchoring foundation and the anchored object form a whole, In order to achieve the effect of fixing components or improving the bearing capacity of components, firstly, according to the design requirements, determine the position according to the drawing spacing and edge distance, drill holes on the base course, the hole diameter and hole depth must meet the design requirements, use air pressure pipe blowing and other tools to remove the floating dust and dust in the hole, and keep the hole clean. Insert the reagent tube into the clean hole. When inserting, the resin can flow like honey at room temperature, and then the rubber tube can be used.

The basic requirements for crack repair of chemical anchor bolt can be combined according to the needs of the project. For cracks or gaps caused by insufficient bearing capacity or settlement, in addition to repairing according to regulations, appropriate reinforcement methods should be adopted, and organic glue should be used for crack repair. The moisture content of concrete should not be greater than 4%, and the concrete with water content exceeding the limit and pouring for less than 90 days should be used The concrete shall be dried manually, and the temperature requirements at the site of repairing cracks: when using chemical repair materials, it shall comply with the provisions of the product manual; when using inorganic repair materials, it shall not be lower than 5cc; the repair process shall not be carried out in the open air under the conditions of hot sun, rain, snow and sand. The humidity requirements of the site environment shall meet the requirements of the product operation manual.

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