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Precision manufacturers on hafen groove embedded parts!

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Hafen groove embedded parts, an uncommon keyword in our life, many people do not know what kind of product it is, what kind of role it has and where it is applied, and what kind of connection it has with our life. Today, we Seiko architecture will introduce in detail what is the hafen groove embedded parts for the big family.

Huffing groove embedded part is an ideal fixed part which is easy to install and can be adjusted. No matter what kind of components around us can be fixed by using hafen groove. Therefore, the application of the embedded parts of hafen groove is very extensive. The bearing capacity of the embedded parts of hafen groove is very strong. Generally, it can bear 32KN or 128kn / m, which can not be achieved by other fixed parts. We will not produce noise in the process of installing the embedded parts of hafen groove, and the installation is very convenient. In addition, the corrosion resistance of the embedded parts of hafen tank is very good, and it will not be corroded by strong acid and alkali. Therefore, it has been widely used in some pipe supports, concrete curtain walls and mechanical fixing devices.

Through the introduction of our Seiko architecture, I think many people may say, is there a lot of hafen groove embedded parts around us? In fact, this is what we need to find out carefully, and we will find that this kind of products are used everywhere.

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